Hey you, out there.

I think you should know that

Sometimes I'm a little spacey. I leave the phone in the fridge on occasion. 
I will always do the dishes. I find it therapeutic. And I'm rather picky about the way the dishwasher is loaded.

 I have to own a dog. This is a deal breaker.
Never a polished, yappy thing, 
but a big dog that will 
 try to sit on our laps 
and run in the fields with the kids.

Oh, speaking of those...I want a lot. 
At least five. 
Maybe seven.

Our boys will never play football, 
I simply cannot allow it.  
Baseball will do,
basketball is better, 
soccer is best. 
I want to be a soccer mom, 
and I want you to coach.

I drive terribly fast, but it's alright because I'm stealthy and never get caught.
I hardly ever listen to the radio, except the classical station.

After 20 years of marriage, I still want you to 
come home from work and slap my butt. 
Like my parents. Even though it weirds me out. 
But that's only because they're my parents.

It all sounds rather nice, doesn't it?

All my love.



augustalolita said...

this is so sweet!! lovely post and photo <3

Caitlin said...

I love Courtney, she is a bosom friend. And I'm loving your blog as well! Happy Thursday :)

Paige Andy said...

Thanks girls! Courtney is the cutest, is she not??