Ode to ock. too. burr.

Fall is by far the loveliest time of the year here, possibly lovelier than any season anywhere else. [No bias…] 

I live for

Breathing the scent of honeyed summer melting into autumn, the leaves of gold, auburn, burnt cherry.

Cinnamon-topped apple cider tingling my tongue.
Ambling through corn mazes, the brittle walls stretching for the sky, occasionally blazing our own trail out of the labyrinth.
Pumpkin…absolutely everything pumpkin. Pie to perfume. [to the delicious seasonal Jamba Juice pumpkin smoothie.]
Haunted houses. The thrill of fear shooting from nose to toes, wide-eyed with terror as I anxiously yank on my date’s sleeve.

Thank you, Ocktooburr.  You've been good to me and will be missed.
Come back soon? Please? Let's be friends again.

all my love.

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kylee said...

it really is the BEST time of year. besides christmas of course.