the right way to spend a Tuesday.

  Tuesday was Mother Dearest's birthday, so I headed home with a bundle of laundry and tupperware for some "real" food leftovers.  

The Brother is a soccer fanatic. Is there a better way to spend a crisp fall afternoon than on the sidelines of a field? I submit that there is not.

 I think I spend a more than average amount of time with friends under the age of 7

The lovely Abigail is one of my gaggle of giggling girls. 

The 5= The Dad, The Mom, The Sister, The Brother, and yours truly. We enjoyed succulent grilled salmon and vegetables provided from the garden. Ohhhh, how I miss The Mom's cooking.

Going home to the apartment is always hard after a night with my favorite people.
all my love.

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Sounds like a fun day out! I love playing soccer..it's my favorite sport! xoxoxoo