take your pin and run.

Never underestimate the white noise in your head.

I've been accused on more than one occasion of living in my own world.  And I do.
My idealistic mind tends to assume that everyone is ambling through life as I am, rather lost in thought wandering in the park. 

           Maybe stopping to buy a lavender balloon from a vendor. 

Occasionally bumping into another ambler and giving an apologetic, absent-minded, my-head-is-in-the-clouds smile. I try to help fellow wanderers find their way when possible, then continue dawdling off to my next loop.  
     winding through the crevices of my own mind
            opening drawers with files
 & crumpled papers
 with smears of the past
  blotted names, tear-stained pages
          Some of the papers are stark. crisp. fresh.
     Hope is written between the lines
     of that unwritten story.

And I am lost. wandering in myself. wondering of the same.


run realists. run.


Ro said...

nice to meet you!:) love your blog

Purposely at Home said...

thank you for stopping by my blog. your comment made me happy. :) you have such a cute blog!

miashae said...

i was so excited to see your post on my blog! i didn't realize people besides my boyfriend and roommates actually look at it. yours is adorable!