A(Dam)e & Eve

Christmas Eve looked a bit like....

a vintage velvet LBD

Log Haven.....two thumbs/five stars.

clam chowder ::  almond hummus ::  hazelnut butternut squash ::  steak and lobster 

aaaaaaaand our flocked Christmas tree. 
I think Mom may have been having a little nostalgia for 1972.
The past few years our family tree has always ended up leaning toward the whimsical side
actually, I lied. They haven't simply leaned, they've full on tilted. Physically, too, usually.
I've dubbed them the "Whoville trees." 
We buy them thin and rather sparse and proceed to attach as many tacky ornaments as possible until the branches droop like Mom's arms with Costco grocery bags.

But the quirkiness makes it all the more endearing, right?
Truly hoping your Eve was as magical as it should be.
all my love.

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Holly said...

yes! I've never known anyone else who gets a skinny tree! holla!