ay-chee-double-hockey-sticks week.

Finals start the twelfth
Welcome to HELL week.
Right now I should be studying covalent bonds
or whatever it is those electron buggers do.

I'm channeling MJ.
and yes. the hat is because I haven't washed my hair.
Thank you college.

Oh, and this song rocks my world
(thanks Shey).

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,
happy holidays,
& a bearable finals week.
Let's just breathe.
all my love.


kylee said...

hello good new song. thank youuuuu. but more importantly good luck on your finals! may we all come out alive and walk away with well deserved A grades.

shelby ann said...

you're welcome. i'm glad you appreciate it. let us survive our finals and then reward ourselves when you come back to normal society.