" I'll be home for Christmas...

....if only in my dreams."
                     -bing crosby

Christmas wonder is inescapable at our house.
that feeling of dragging your bags back for the break
and coming home to a place that matches the magical magnitude of Hogwarts.
My mother does a beyond excellent job, does she not?
Designed the house herself too.

porch view

every year my grandma gives us a handmade piece for our village set
I'm particularly fond of the lower left corner
the theater
as I painted it mysel.
that's right, me in all my non-craftiness. 

Romy, our annual North Pole visitor.

not a surface goes untouched 
by Christmas elves' nimble fingers.
the place is a knockout
& I wouldn't spend Christmas anywhere else.
all my love & best holiday wishes.

1 comment:

kylee said...

could your house be any prettier?!! my goodness. it's a christmas wonderland over there.