Them final tests. Thems'll getcha.

'Bout ready to rip my hair out.

 So I'm doing what any stressed college student does: procrastinate.
And lived my full life in about 25 seconds.

First, I was a wee chile...

..I had a stint full of teen angst..

...followed by a highly successful career..

and retirement as a toothless asian tourist.

Heaven help the faint at heart,
heaven help the weary.

Cross your fingers.
Or pray. Preferably the latter.
But whichever you like; I'll take what I can get.
P.s. new obsessions?
Angus & Julia Stone.

And in case you feel like upchucking,
it makes me grateful for my love life...
even a nonexistent one.


tumbleweed•twine said...

Aww, these pictures are awesome! Long live teen angst, eh. ♥

Sarah ^.^

Lindsey said...

Angus and Julia Stone are amazing. Just a Boy is the best. Ever.

kylee said...

angus & julia stone is one of my faaaavorite bands! did you know they each have single albums out too?! hers is julia stone and his is under the name lady of the sunshine. anddd you need to hear this cover the two did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTbObag1r0I