blue lemon

Man oh man, am I ever excited for the new City Creek Center to open in downtown SLC.
I'm glad that the people behind all the construction decided to give our capital a little lovin'.
(Many thanks to whomever you may be.)

Skybridges, Nordstrom, a spotless parking garage...
it's gonna be hoppin', folks.

A little trip downtown last weekend with Kensie Jo & Kenz C
is to thank for my new favorite restaurant, blue lemon.

Healthy, low-priced, & delicious?

little trip to the new Deseret Book. Look at all the languages of the Book of Mormon! Neat-o.


Catherine said...

ahhh! i can't wait for city creek to open, too! but i have yet to try blue lemon! i walk past it all of the time and i need to try it one of these days! such a cute blog, new follower :)


what camera are you using? looks like film. love the noise in these pictures.

Paige Andy said...

Jacquelyn -- all these pictures were taken with my iPhone 4s. I'm a little bit obsessed.