Child's Play

A darling girl of three
Violet ribbon cradles golden hair
They fuss over her porcelain skin 
Blushing cheeks, and baby blue eyes
“Eyes you just want to steal,”  say They.
She crayons pictures of castles
And heroic princes.
Her little dolls are played
Then locked in their little dollhouse

A fair girl of fifteen
Mornings she is taunted and condemned
By the mocking mirror.
She stares
And draws a smile on the vacancy.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes-
Strings attached to all.
Puppetted by the fetters of Expectation,
She smiles, and acts,
And dresses in little outfits 
To please Them.

A charming girl of seventeen
Immured little fingers cradle the wily world.
A Crayoned face fronts the masquerade.
Mangled in tangled strings,
She offers her heart and scissors to a little blonde boy 
And cries, Kiss it better.
He smiles and smooths her brow
As his honeyed whispers tear her open
And he ties a heartstring.
He stitches her up with the thread of Promises
Leaving ribbon-scars delicate as lace.
Blueblack bruises blossom  
And stain her porcelain skin.
She shatters
While screaming his innocence.

Thieved eyelight
Makes for a jaded girl of eighteen.

A darling girl of three
Plays with her toys 
As They toy with her.
Just another broken doll to be.


Mallory said...

such good writing. it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiiiiiiiiiful.

Bailey said...

I am a fan.