They're pretty rad, I must say.
Provo born & bred.
The crazy-good lead guitarist happens to be the Hum in Hue & Hum, by the way.
Having just been signed by Atlantic records, they're working on their first full-length CD.

(I happen to be especially fond of Blue-Eyed Universe and Strangers in the Dark.)


Shaylynn;) said...

I'm totally itching to check them out.. after work..

Oh the joys of being a grown up.

Chelsie Clarke said...

Loving these photos! I'm wondering what filter you use to edit your photos, these & a few others I've seen on previous posts?!

kylee said...

blue-eyed universe if my fav. so get this. my friends & i are taking a walk downtown this summer and guess who passes us on the sidewalk? yeah. hue & hum & their dog. we walked past and i had to do the whole double take. it was his hair that gave him away. i should have said hi but i was too nervous.

Jessi Haish said...

i love these photos!!

Paige Andy said...

Thanks girls! Chelsie-- I use this sweet program called Flair. If you have a Mac it's one of those free apps you can get for your computer! I just use a gray overlay or a light leak.