It's 11:14 am and I already..

saw the Vow.  
first 20 minutes = 1000 cute points.
Last 70 = 46. 
I've decided this is a positive thing, because if you're ever in need of a quick chick flick fix (how's that for consonance?) you can simply pop it in for the fifteen minutes between when you're ready and when your date arrives.

discovered that my starburst consumption is significantly hindered when I force myself to unwrap them in my mouth.
this is frustrating and entirely a good thing. especially when said candies are being eaten before 10am. 

couldn't find favorite lip stain and resigned to look like Lindzi from this season's Bachelor.
so darling. yet so not loving the eternally the nude lips.

saw a cat flying down multiple flights of stairs, vibrating from the bumps and looking all the world like an out of control roller coaster car. came screeching to a stop at the bottom, face planting into the concrete.
had immediate giggle attack.  nobody else saw.  6 awkward points.

skipped biology. if anybody scientifically-minded would care to explain to me the difference between transcription and translation, and maybe mention what the h a codon is, please email me/comment away.

forgot to brush my hair. again.  how do I have friends?

oh, and fell in love.

have a fantastic weekend!

1 comment:

Elsha.Rae said...

lindzi is hands down my favorite! its a close call between her and kacie though.

elsha rae.