BYU doesn't believe in spring break. So sometimes I make one of my own.

...by going to St. George for a weekend.

Southern Utah has its charms.
(disclaimer: occasionally I'm creepy and take pictures of cowboys.  But it's worth the label to convey the atmosphere of this corner of the world.)




a) After nearly 19 years on this earth, I have yet to encounter another human whose third toes are longer than their second toes.  If you know someone, please contact me so I can reunite with my toe twin immediately and we can enter in a freak contest & take the prize. [Naturally, it will be a dance routine where every toe will wear its own tutu.]   Gotta pay for college somehow. 

b) going to dinner with the fam in paper shoes and not getting one wayward glance...one of the many benefits of visiting your grandparents in a town with a demographic trending significantly in the "older" direction.

a cousin's wedding.

one of the greatest things about being a Webster-Anderson is the sense of entitlement that one is trained to have from birth.  like....when Mum surveys the receiving line. It is deemed far too long and is immediately bypassed (she IS the cousin of the mother of the bride, after all. let all those unrelated people wait their turn outside).  The Unrelateds were brushed aside as we made our excuses. "Pardon us, we're just here to drop off a gift." Unfortunately, once we were inside, she realized that we would soon be seen by all the Urelateds as the line steady moved forward.  At this point we were forced to grab our cheesecake and dart out the nearest back exit, eating on the way to the car.  The way that woman makes me laugh..

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kylee said...

swimsuits & sand? i need to visit st. george asap.