little delights of the week.

sauteed veggies.
[on a less pleasant note, DIE FRESHMAN TEN. DIE DIE DIE. ]

some serious whiteboard skillz. love me an art history reference wherever possible.

enjoying my chef of a roommate 

this morning I woke up,
threw on my only pair of clean jeans (white)  <-- [yes I acknowledge this is unorthodox, it being March and all.  But a college kid's gotta do what a college kid's gotta do.]
tossed on the shirt draped over my chair  (blue)
& snagged a blazer, just in case the sunny morning turned into a fake-out  (red).

Took me all the way to 2 o'clock to realize I look like the freakin' fourth of July.

online obsessions:
spring flats
why am I so in love with this?
discovered fossil makes more than just watches. and darling "more" at that.
I feel so left out of the loop!
I'm soooo coveting this watch...and I've never worn a watch.
this satchel. or this one. I'm dying!
you can never have too many cardigans.

overall, this week rates a

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The Sass of Cass. said...

Loving the bangles. And you! :)