twenty of last weekend.

[twenty documentations by my iPhone]

too many ice cream runs

also, too many dance parties to this song/video.
I am not ashamed.
(well, maybe a little. but we're all friends here.)

Sar & I felt lucky to have a weekend visit from the lovely Aly Marie.

we got manicures
& discovered Robert Pattinson in drag.

 CPK:  four girls, three pizzas, two desserts.  

 [The restroom sign is to be a reminder of the night we went to a U of U party and I drank probably 18 glasses of water, necessitating stops at every closed gas station on the way home.  Thank the heavens for 24-hour Walmarts.]

psych with my boss of a baby brother.

doing phonology homework while said boss brother won the championship.

puppies: the most effective sort of kryponite. 

welcome to the neighborhood, nutmeg.



miki said...

Oh man I have the worst puppy fever right now. Those pictures are not helping my case. SO CUTE! Also that drag queen of Robert Pattinson, dead on!

kylee said...

there is no such thing as TOO MANY ice cream runs.