surprise announcement!

I would like to thank my capricious nature for my ability to wake up one day and think, 
hey, I think I'll move away....at the end of this week.

ok, so that's not exactly how it happened.
but it has been a rather last-minute decision.
what would I be without that dash of whimsy?
terribly, terribly bored, I might say.

and so, it looks like I'll be spending the next few months in:

I fly out SUNDAY!

humidity....I will cuuuuut you.
don't mess.


Chelsie Clarke said...

have so much fun!

Miki @ Becoming What I Always Was said...

What!? What brought on this decision? That's very on a whim and brave! Good luck girl!

courtneykearns said...

okay, okay. fine. you can do cool things like this. but only if you
A: explain yourself
B: blog from there. i don't know what i'm going to do if i can't read your blog. i think i might go insane.