things I've been saying far too much as of late:

"I find myself strangely attracted to Mitt Romney."
"Ok, who keeps eating all my zucchini?! It can't be gone!"
"I fell asleep in the bathtub."  "Again?"  "Yeah, again."
"It's.....snowing. Why is it snowing. Wait.....k now it's sunny. Now it's raining. Now it's sunny.  Scarf or shorts?
"Chromosomes. I just..don't get them."  (maybe I need to do a post like this for Biology..)
"Where. the. h. is. my. key."
"Can't. I gotta write a paper on the dying use of the subjunctive."
"I like neck bows."

But mostly this:

"Would you like to participate in my study?"
"Please. Please participate in my study. Please."
"Seriously, I'm begging. I can pay you. Kind of. With flattery. Or eternal devotion."


Chelsie Clarke said...

your hair looks fantastic. fannnntastic.

Anonymous said...

you're seriously the funniest person ever.

and mitt romney is smokin... holy cow.

and seriously... if i could have your wardrobe and your hair... i would be such a happy girl.

tumbleweed•twine said...

I love "Can't. I gotta write a paper on the dying use of the subjunctive." This shall without doubt be my excuse in the future. ♥

Sarah ^.^

courtneykearns said...

this is. the best. thing ever.
i love the mitt romney comment.
so hilarious... and weirdly, i feel the same way...

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

loving your hair :)!

Leann Allred said...

who does your hair? i have such a hard time finding someone i trust. you're gorgeous.