Until 2013.

I will miss my apartment.
I will miss my roommates, my new best friends.
I will miss learning and growing from what they teach me.

I will miss my linguistics professor's wacky, food-catagorized-by-color tie.
I will miss Creamery ice cream.
I will miss the freedom to talk about my religious beliefs in a biology paper.
I will miss being surrounded by people who are constantly challenging me to better myself.
I will miss late-night talks with Sarah.
I will miss the tolling bell tower.
I'll miss so much.

(I will not miss sharing a freezer and a bathroom with six girls.)

I learned how to be content with myself.
I learned how to budget.
I learned that I would rather spend a Friday at a museum alone than at a dance party with friends.
I learned dishwashing liquid is actually dish-washing liquid, 
meant for the sink and not the machine.
I learned the difference between an inflectional and a derivational morpheme.
I learned that happiness comes from within.
I learned more than I can say.

It's been swell, BYU.
I'll see you next January.

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Laura Beth said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing, Paige. LOVE YOU.