life is normal.

I realized how normal my life here has become.
It's no longer a novelty or new thing. It's just....life. My life now. As if nothing really existed before.

This week was mostly......

::Mom's response to this 
::storm after storm
::learning that even though disposable razors are cheaper than 3 dang razor refills, it doesn't necessarily make them the better investment.  I'm learning that life is expensive. I don't like that part.
:: getting my hair done!!! (And yes. Every time I do my hair it deserves to make it into a post. It's that big of a deal in my life. 4 INCHES OFF. Big event.)

In other news, I made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for longest grocery receipt. 
#fatkidproblems. But whatever.

I can't believe I've lived in Texas almost two whole months.  Two to go! Hope everyone's summer is as wonderful as mine (with a big more free time). Xoxo

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