the 801.

Leaving my home state made me realize how wonderful it really is here. Looking out the airplane window to see those colossal mountains...the crags against the sky...there's nothing like it. I love my valley nestled in the skirts of the Rockys.

Being home means 
a) time to work off all those late-night take-out and pizza sesh pounds. That's whatcha get from working crazy hours and living with a team of men that consume 4000 calories every day. Yoga is even kicking my trash right now.
b) hikes in the mountains. missed them.
c) lots of family time. soccer games, reunions, water parks, and beyond.
d) dates with my favorite little guy.  "Don't worry Paige, the popcorn's on me."  he even held my hand crossing the street and during the scary parts. there is no cuter twelve-year-old.

I have a little under 2 months at home before heading off to Europe. Can't wait to enjoy every second.

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Chelsie Clarke said...

that lake photo is absolutely gorgeous!

welllllcome back to Utah (: