and then it was Wednesday.

Wednesday was pretty much amazing.  First stop: Musée de  l'Ongerie. Aka home to Monet's HUGE water lily canvases in an oval room that he designed himself. GOOGLE IT RIGHT NOW. Then ask me if I spent 45 minutes in that room alone. 
Because yes, I did. 


Next stop: the Louvre.


Ask me if I teared up when I saw Nike of Samothrace and made excuses to go back and look at her six times throughout the day.

Because yes, I did.

Ask me if I have the best life ever because YES I DO!


I seriously don't even know where to start with the Louvre other than saying it's HUGE. Like massive. Like picture the biggest building you can think of an double it. at least. 
Its wings are multiple city blocks long and it has THREE WINGS and 4 floors.


Words fail me when I try to describe the Louvre. Basically, it was a spiritual experience. Seriously. My heart was beating and I couldn't form coherent thoughts. I just FELT.  I saw all the masters, all the works you would expect to see. I can't even list all the things I saw and thought and felt.   

All the plaques are in French, so thank heavens I remember quite a bit from AP art history.  I guess the Louvre wants you to pay extra for an English audioguide. Psh. I'm poor. Like...really.  

In order to cover all the ground I wanted to, I made myself a map.


A few of the many, many works from AP art history.
 And yes, I saw the Mona Lisa.  Contrary to what I've been told I would think, she was bigger than I thought. But definitely as overrated as I expected. 








According to Yahoo, "To see each of the 35,000 art objects in the Louvre, taking 60 seconds for each, would take roughly 25 days each of a full 24 hours."   So yeah. It's insane and wonderful.  
Suffice it to say... I spent 5 hours there, left to eat, and went back for 4 more hours with a different group.
Not a bad day at all.

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kylee said...

okay i love this. especially tht last photo. when i went to the met in nyc i gained a new appreciation for art, for all kinds of art. because of that, i loved this post more than i would have before. i'm so happy for you, seeing these things that mean so much to you, what an experience!