The Girl Who Lives.

Three weeks ago I returned from that fairytale land called London.
At first I was all depressed.
And then I was all like CHRISTMAS OMG.
And then I was all like ok it's Christmas I like life again. 

Though not the most flattering pictures, I felt like you needed proof that I'm still alive. 

It's been a while since I regularly posted on this blog of mine -- since about the end of last April. I had every intention of keeping it updated in Europe, but due to various circumstances I couldn't.  I can't decide whether to do retrospective posting on what has become the most dear experience to my heart. I still go up and down with bouts of light depression stemming from my feet being absent on English soil. It's hard to think and talk about it.

But I like pictures.
So I probably will. 

As for now, I'm back in Provo.  Loving life, my classes, and my new job (whaaa?!). 
I just hope y'all are still out there and in a forgiving mood. Let's be friends again?


Emily Jane said...

Yay! Start blogging girl!

Holly said...


It Started With a Wink said...

I would love to see your adventure in retrospect, although it might make me wish I was there, but I'll just have to live through you for now!

Jane Harman said...

hi i used to read your blog a lot before i went on hiatus (spelling?) it's darling. and i looove your new header.