on my half-pint amount of sagacity.

1+    it's okay-- no, vital -- to be you. to be you beautifully and utterly, without justification.
2+    your mother is your biggest advocate and best friend, if you will let her be.
3+    great things come from the small things ventured.
4+    date the hell out of a lot of great men and don't regret it.
5+    be a lady with edge. wear dresses. be gracious. cuss occasionally. (see four)

6+     God is there. always. and He loves you. always.
7+     wordlessly demand respect and you will receive it.
8+     take care of your body and the respect and appreciation will come.
9+     rain is not an inconvenience.  it's a fresh start to the day.
10+   don't limit yourself to friends just like you.  choose people to broaden your views.

11+    be humble. understate. 
12+    be bold. flaunt. 
13+    the past is past. let it be. 
14+    do things you wouldn't.   
15+    go anywhere you haven't. 

16+    be opinionated. be boundless. suffocate the apathy with passion.
17+    choose to have love so vast that your heart can't hold it.  let it spill.  be kind.
18+    we're all a little weird, or a lot weird.  find people who love your weird.
19+    open yourself to learning. consciously and deliberately stretch your mind.
20+    the world doesn't end.
          those nights the blood sits heavily in your veins and your bones splinter
          and you know you won't make it..... you will.  you always will.

                 so have a little faith.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Page!

I know you don't know me, but I went to Jerusalem with Sarah and Will and I'm cousins with Elizabeth Checketts who was in London with you. I just wanted to thank you for that lovely list. It's been an ice cream and chocolate for breakfast type of week and your words were exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and remind me that there's a lot more to life than college drama.

You have a beautiful gift of choosing the right words, so please keep on writing and sharing it with us.

Hope 20 treats you well!


Holly said...

OKAY. I seriously am obsessed with this post. I'm gonna print it or SOMETHING. you are excellent. happy happy birthday to you!!! much love!

Emily Jane said...

Love love Love! 20's gonna be a delectable year for you! :)

Bailey said...

love this post so much!
your blog is one of my absolute favorites.

bailey @ mycrisscrossedblog.blogspot.com