the moon rises.

hey, you.
you, the soon-coming-home-to-me  you.
do you know what I think is far under-credited?
the moon.
it's consistent as the sun,
but nobody ever talks about the moon rising, steadily as ever.

You and I, you know, 
we see the same moon every night.
When I realized, I added a step to my nightly routine.

I squeeze shut my right eye,
stretch out my left hand
and touch it with my pinky.
the moon is a beautiful thing,
and beautiful things..
they are to be treated delicately.
so only pinkies are used

Silly? yes.
but in those moon-touching moments
I feel connected
to that little piece of the world that holds my heart
(that's you, sweet boy).

all my love,


Tereza said...

This is so beautiful!

Marie said...

Aaawww this is so sweet :)

schammer said...

cute, lady! & i love cedar city also. there is so much charm here! i'm jealous that you got to play here every summer as a kid.

It Started With a Wink said...

so sweet!

courtneykearns said...

Vulnerable, delicate, and nothing short of absolutely beautiful.

Emily Jane said...


CasiDee said...

Beyond beautiful. You're an amazing writer.

Bailey said...

love this so much.
and i'm excited for you!
bailey @ mycrisscrossedblog.blogspot.com

My name is Lydia said...

i love this!

Taylor Winters said...

He's home! So happy, and you're darling, and you haven't blogged in a while which reminds me of myself when I started dating my sweet boy. Enjoy it, I'm so happy for you.