++   So these days I'm obsessed with Blake Lively and you should be too.  Definitely stems from my GG guilty pleasure.  Here, watch this. SHE'S THE EMBODIMENT OF EFFORTLESS COOL.  She cooks with fig balsamic.  She doesn't have a stylist. Brie is my favorite cheese.  Why am I so obsessed with this cooking video?? wonders the girl who burned spaghetti last week. 

++    Oh my goodness. Estee. She's a London-based Canadian beauty vlogger and her videos tend to be upwards of 10 mins and SHE IS A RAMBLER but I can't. get. enough.  I can watch her talk for hours. Is this getting weird? I kinda feel like we're already BFFs in this supernatural mojo voodoo mind-karma sort of way.  What I'm trying to say is: we're on the same wavelength.  She's adorable but also says completely ridiculous things on the reg, like that her favorite hair pomade smells like a celebrity, specifically Leonardo Dicaprio.   Here she is. (AWESOME! DAYCREAM!)  Also, her giddiness over fake lashes is terrifying/inspiring.

++   Nat.   She's just real.  Real-talk about breastfeeding to awk stories to her weird obsession with Felicity.  I'm obsessed with her little family.  And, unlike most fashionable NYC-based mommy-bloggers, her writing is what draws me.  She's a riot.

++    Also, my sister.  ^^  Homecoming Queen 2013.  How is she so much prettier and cooler than I am? Do we really come from the same family?


Megan said...

paige! i'm completely obsessed with nat the fat rat too. Her writing is incredible!

petal and plume said...

love this! your blog is fantastic and fun!

courtneykearns said...

Ugh. Love that Nat. AND OHMYGOSHBLAKELIVELY. I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, but now I have no choice. And that other girl... I maybe have watched two of her videos. Obviously.