because this is what my September looked like:

+ back-to-school shopping provided by my generous parents
+ moving myself back to Provo
+ soccer games and late-night Sonic runs. lots of late-night Sonic runs.

++ James Taylor MoTab concert
++ Literal LOLZ at myself as I attempted a juice cleanse

+ 1D date: curry, speaking in British accents, having the theater to ourselves, dreaming about Harry Styles for weeks.
+ kicking off the scary season with a post-football game Halloween movie and post-RS broadcast haunted house.
+my goddess-of-a-sister winning homecoming queen

+ weird kids that make me giggle
+ a egg drop for charity
+ late-night bonding with my fantastic roommates. I mean it; they're fantastic.

Until next year, September.  I'm faithfully yours.

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My name is Lydia said...

oh, to be single again. it looks like you're really living the life.