Making:  a lot of mistakes. And weirdly, not feeling horrible about them.

Cooking:  nothing, ever. My domesticity switch is off lately. OR always.

Drinking: my daily calorie allotment, thanks to 1) Sonic 2) the opening of Swig on University Avenue  3) Starbucks’ holiday menu.

Reading:  William Labov’s “Social Motivation of a Sound Change: the Centralization of Diphthongs on Martha’s Vineyard Island.”   And, more interestingly, THIS. 

Wanting: to give really thoughtful gifts this year.

Looking:  forward. Only forward.

Playing: soccer with the little boys I teach English to. 

Wasting: too much time on Buzzfeed.

Watching: Ted Talks.

Enjoying: the holiday season. Says the girl who listens to Christmas music in September. So, like, duh.

Waiting:  for Historical-Comparative Linguistics to be overrrrr. The girl next to me pulled out her origami project, if that’s any indication about how difficult this class is to sit through.

Wondering: why I thought I could go a week without sugar. I barely lasted 24 hours. 

Loving: the way my weight-training class has changed my body. Loving/hating the way my Poly friend works out my abs by chucking a medicine ball at my stomach and urging me to “flex harder!”

Hoping: I can find a job after I graduate. Not opposed to a sugar daddy.

Marveling: at how I ever lived without my white Converse.

Needing: leather pants in every color.

Smelling: flowers in the morning. I always keep a bouquet next to my bed, and the fresh scent is the first things I inhale.  I love how they’re most potent just before fading away.

Wearing: a new nail color. I bought it because it reminds me of pine trees, which reminds me of Christmas trees, which makes me want to drink peppermint hot chocolate and carol.

Following: Natalie on every social platform. I feel like she’s my really rad, unrelated older sister that doesn’t know that I exist, and posts like this make me feel like she knows my naked soul.

Noticing: that there’s a lot for me to work on. Currently in the process of being humbled.

*I saw a post like this on The Daybook a while back, so credit to Sydney. 

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