Camo and cookies and Canada, yo.

Went paintballing in digital camo like the bad-A I am.

Was handed free tickets to a REAL game as we were passing by.

Spent time with my lovely family as my loveliest sister was crowned Homecoming Queen.

Celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with a rotisserie chicken and tea light candles.

Watched an artist paint 99% of Painted my first oil painting of my precious succulent. 

Went to as many football games as my school spirit/lack of interest in football would allow (so like, 3). 


Dressed up like pirates to get free doughnuts. 

Did a bonfire up Provo canyon with some of my favorites.


Went to the Chocolate to get 1/2 macadamia nut 1/2 chocolate chip cazookies. Because, naturally.
And was rewarded for bringing a crew with a box of free goodies from the owner.

I've been very, very blessed to meet a lot of good people this past semester.  Friends who challenge me intellectually.  Friends who broaden my views.  Friends who take care of me. And I'm just cheesing it up but I'm truly grateful for those I've encountered this past semester. It was my favorite yet. 

One semester to go. 

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My name is Lydia said...

1. so completely jealous you got to go to a real came for free.

2. i now want a succulent.

3. i have those same white converse!