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The last while it's been the bitterest sort of cold.  Glacial. Piercing. Polar. Hypothermic. Siberian. COLD. The kind where you can actually feel your scalp trying to claw inside of your skull to find warmth and everything just hurts. 

And I tell ya, all I want to do is wear my onesie pjs and watch Elf and drink dirty hot chocolate from Swig and GET MY CUDDLE ON DANG IT.

But then life's all like, LOLZ no b/c u still hav finalz.

And I'm all like, but life! the tinsel's up! I bought the sparkle-y-est 50 feet the dollar store had to offer! I hung candy canes from our cabinet handles!  can't you feel the holiday cheer?!

And life's like ha, no. 

So I've temporarily substituted my elf hat for a stessed-out study cap.  
Today I bit my nails until they bled. Can't you feel the holiday cheer?

Soon, my lovelies. Soon. 

And now, enjoy this miscellany of top-view photos from life lately. 


^^ desperately needing to buy a dozen frames for all the prints I collect

^^ the end is near! historical comparative linguistics, I'm almost done with you, you clingy thing.

^^ favorites from a weekend

^^ floor scene.

^^ why you never, never, under any circumstances, ever, go grocery shopping after midnight.  Not even once, Jose.

wasn't this post worth it?


Unknown said...

I love those high heels!!

My name is Lydia said...

hold the phone. what's a dirty hot chocolate?!
what lipstick is that?

courtneykearns said...