Mother N must like curves or the world would be flat.

As a petite but curvy girl (5' 3" and a 32DD [yeah, I went there]), it can be HARD to find clothes that fit.  Don't get me wrong;. I work out consistently and am confident in my own skin. But that doesn't change the fact that dressing my small but voluptuous frame can be challenging. 

Most things fit awkwardly-- if I fit it tight to my torso, I'm busting out on top. Shirts are too low because the distance from my shoulders to cleavage is short, and I've yet to find a pair of pants I haven't needed to hem.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with dressing in vintage whenever possible [that, and I'm a sucker for anything old..clothes, furniture, art, history...]. Clothes used to be made for small waisted, busty women. Real women that were celebrated for their womanhood, with bodies that looked like they could actually work.  

Truly, where's the beauty in looking so fragile that the nearest gale would cause one to tumble away like a skinny weed?

We all have our body challenges.

That being said, check out this site. and this one. They rock.

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Bailey said...

I absolutely adore your Blog!
It is lovely.

(and I tend to fit under the 5'3" 32C category as well!)