peaches & pumpkins & pears, oh my!

Thursdays are Farmer's Market days. There's no better way to cozy up to fall than strolling in the crisp air and buying organic produce, hmm?

My beautiful friends Kens & Sar accompanied me this week.



Homemade honey butter on homemade bread? Divine.

How'd I get blessed with such lovely friends?

I live for days like this.
All my love.


Leah said...

Mmmm everything looks so wonderfully fresh and colourful. Thanks for your comment, hope you have a great weekend.

xo L.

brooke field said...

You have such a lovely blog you have! I love farmers markets.

alex said...

Your photos are lovely! I have never been to a farmer's market, looks like so much fun!

jacquelyn sandra said...

is this your own photography? i so adore it.

Hawk said...

3 things:

a.) hate to sound like everyone else, but I think it's merited in this situation; the pictures on your blog (especially this post) are pretty bitchin. I'm diggin them.

b.) thanks for checking out the 'ol blog and leaving a line, not sure how you found it but I appreciate it! And Im glad you did because I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog.

c.) farmers markets rock my world, sad I missed this one