coming home.

Thanksgiving break looked a little something like this:

candle-lit family dinner

mushrooms, asparagus, fingerling potatoes, & mahi-mahi with pineapple sauce

spending some time with this stunner, Shelby Ann. 

pumpkin waffles

the beginnings of Christmas decorating

some Gene Kelly 


& dinner with an old friend;
it had been a while.
He's bred from country club people
--three thousand dollar watches, white leather interiors--
he even let me have the last bite of chocolate soufflĂ©. 
we all need an occasional dose of indulgence.

& a little Sylvia Plath.
rested & refreshed.
Hope your break was as lovely.
all my love.


Prixie said...

It all looks really lovely.

Makay said...

How sweet!
AND I AM GOING TO BE HONEST- I hate addressing Christmas cards--- so much.

kylee said...

candle light dinners are my faaaav! we do it every year for christmas eve and it is easiy my favorite meal of the entire year. i love me some gene kelly.

shelby ann said...

ooh i made the blog! this is a proud moment in my life.