count your blessings.

giving my thanks on Thanksgiving
for being more blessed than any person should be
[go ahead. call me cliché]

"what if you woke up tomorrow with only what you thanked God for today?"

I am grateful for the significant blessings He has given me.
I'm grateful for
a father who protects me
a mother who laughs with me
a sister who is wise beyond her years
a baby brother who loves me unconditionally
a supportive extended family
the opportunity to get a great education
living in this privileged country
the gospel & the comfort and light it brings

old friends that stick around
new friends helping me to grow
the financial security of my family
feeling surrounded by love
the answers I get from the Book of Mormon
the men & women that fight for my freedom
hard experiences that refine me
literature, art, and music that speak the unconveyable

....and the more flippant ones, like
Google (wouldn't last two days without it)
crime shows that let me feel like a thrill-seeker
dry shampoo
Ryan Gosling
ethnic food
the love affair I have with my MacBook Pro & iPhone
girls' nights
Grandma's homemade rolls
onesie jammies
classes that don't start till 11:00am
boys that wear sweater vests and allow me to ogle 

and all the many, many more blessings 
too numerous to count.
all my thanks.
all my love.


Makay said...

How sweet. I love this post... and I really love that quote.
I went on a mission trip to Alaska this past summer and before every meal we would hold hands in a circle and Mr. Roger (the mission's host) would say that and we would go around the circle and say one thing we were thankful for. :)
Such a wonderful reminder.

lowercase letters said...

Love your list. "a dad who protects me" really stood out. I'm so blessed to have a daddy like that too:)
You are so very pretty and so is your blog:)
Happy thanksgiving, dear!

Prixie said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Dika Dewi said...

a mother who laughs with me... Such a beautiful world u have.. :-)

big love:

Mägi said...

Being thankful leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy.