a thank you to the strangers

Well, this isn't what I had originally planned to post today, but I'm feeling exceptionally lucky and want to share the positive vibes.

I managed to have a crisis before 11:00am last week (usually it takes until 4 or 5pm to work up to it) when I lost my iPhone. Which, naturally, I am incapable of surviving without.  SO, I freaked out. Naturally.  I Facebooked all my roommates, asking them to search my room. my bed. the bathroom. my kitchen cabinets.  nothing.

Incredibly, somebody had already turned it in. Man, sometimes I really love going to BYU. THEN, that same afternoon I left my backpack in the Wilk after eating lunch. An hour later? Still there, untouched. (I really lost my head that week.)

THEN I stumbled across this too-beautiful-for-words post 
by Ayley, and it tied right in.

So, I would like to send some shout-outs into the universe for the random acts by wonderful strangers. Chances are..well, one could say slim, but that would be an overstatement...that they will ever see this, but still. Getting the vibes out there.

Thank you to the stranger who returned my life to me in the form of an iPhone.
Thank you to whomever left a cookie in my basket...cause I had just filled the dishwasher with soap.

Thank you to the honest people who left my backpack where I forgot it.
Thank you to Cj from Spanish 205 for telling me I look "great, as always," even though I left the house with my hair dripping this morning.

example A.

Thank you to the sweet FedEx man who let me turn left on the busy street.
Thank you to the kind boy who hit on me when I was in my sweats.
Thank you to the lady at the passport office for making it a quick and painless process.

Thank you to the two cars of nice ladies who helped Claire, Kensie Jo & me when my car decided to die in the bottom of a parking garage.
Thank you to the random girl in the elevator who asked me how my day was and seemed to sincerely care.
Thank you to the girl in my building for telling me I seemed "put together" even though I feel like a mess.

p.s.  does anybody LOVE this show as much as I do?? Is Jess not the most relatable TV character EVER?!

all my love.


Carolynn Cecilia said...

You must have banked a little good karma somewhere along the way because it sounds like universe is most definitely looking out for you.

lowercase letters said...

I love this post. Isn't ransom kindness too wonderful for words!? I told the cashier at Walmart yesterday I loved her braid. I think it really shocked her and we struck up a convo:) it was fun and made us BOTH feel good!