an early celebration.

Last Monday we held an early celebration for Ms. Kensie's birthday. Giggles, shenanigans, and caloric overexposure ensued.
First was sushi...what else?

My best friends are models. It's NBD, really.

 Followed by some Sub-Zero ice cream (frozen with liquid nitrogen).  Cake batter vs pumpkin.

Inarguably the best picture ever taken. For so many reasons.

What better way to finish the night than a healthy midnight snack, missionary cookie-making, and condolence-note writing?

grateful for my girls.
all my love.


Purposely at Home said...

looks like tons and tons of fun to me! the sushi even looked inviting. *wink wink*

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooh what yummy fun!