her name is Sarah.

She is my roommate. And she is awesome.
This post is dedicated to my gurrll, Sar Bear, S-Town, Sur, Serma, Sperm, or whatever else your name may be for the day. Why do I lurve my roomie?

1. We are terribly inappropriate. Occasionally offensive. And I like it. 
Ok, so more than occasionally.

2. She is a stunner 
with a HOT bod
and the metabolism of a 13-year-old boy.

3. She's ambitious, and not in an "Oh, yeah. I'd like to be successful one day" way. She knows what she wants, and she will get it. Because she makes things happen. She is the hardest-working person I know. Example:  High school-- debate president, SBO, runs own piano studio, peer leadership team captain, tennis team, FBLA nationals, honors student....and I know I'm forgetting something.
graduation speaker, naturally.
4. Boys flock to her. It's a phenomenon that cannot be explained. I've tried learning her ways, but I guess it's just something 
you're born with. Luckily I get to piggy back off this.

5. She makes me feel like the most important person in the world.

6. She's a real listener. Not one of those people who nods their head like a brain-damaged seal and "mmhmm, yeah, mmm" their way through it.  She's engaged and truly cares about what you're saying. And then gives advice that actually works.

7. She completes me in ways that I need.  She stands up for me when I'm being doormat-ish and reminds me to step it up when I'm slacking.
middle school throwback.

8.   She isn't afraid to try new things. Probably because she always rocks them.
first time sushi-er.

9. She understands the importance of family and God.

10.  She is quite possibly the funniest person I've ever met.

(yes, I created a youtube account just to put those up)

I love her, I do.
Whatever will I do next year?
all my love.


alyson said...

hahahahaha that video? priceless. i lurve sur. she's a goodest gurl e'er.

Megan said...

i love that girl!