I'd like off this bandwagon, please.

Post by one of my favorite girls e'r, Ms. Alyson. 
I ditto everything. 
Except replace rap with classical. 
And I actually do have terrible vision.

i am not a hipster because...

-i'm not that great at photography.
-i love my favorite boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt. yes, i consider it an outfit.
-i love t-pain. LMFAO. any rap music, really.
-i also love country and justin bieber. sue me.
-as much as i love the social underground scene, i hate big groups of people. i'd rather stay home.
-i don't feel the need to pretend i have bad vision and wear gaudy glasses.
-i weigh more than 99 pounds and my boobs are bigger than an A cup.
-yes, i admire tall 110 pound boys with great style and musical talents. ones with beards and lengthy hair and brown penny-loafers. but i love sturdy, solid boys that like nike. and baseball hats. and are a bit weird, quite frankly. i like boys that are attractive because of who they are, not because of their obvious good looks.
-i don't drink coffee for the image.
-and the biggest reason that i am not a hipster is because indifference is a hard emotion for me to come by. i care about too many things too passionately.

Well said, AlyMo. Well said, child.

In other news, a friend witnessed a fatal accident last week.
things change in an instant.
please remember to stay safe kiddos.
buckle up and don't be stupid.
all my love.

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Holly said...

love that. took the words right outta my mouth.