Procrastination is a sin, la de da de do.

Midterms.  Those snitches'll kill ya.
Physical science. Spanish 205. Book of Mormon. American Heritage. This week.
I'm struggling. WHY on earth would I study covalent bonds when there's Pinterest, FB, and dearblankpleaseblank.com to attend to?

Some chocolate-covered almonds to get me through the study sesh. A bargain at the BYU bookstore.

Shout out to my girl Al-Mo. It was her birthday this week! Happiest birthday e'r, girl.
Oh, and if you're  in the mood for some good ol' 
Gma, corgi, and sword dancing procrastination... 

Hoping your Saturday will be a LOT more productive than mine!

all my love.


kylee said...

ohhh my that sword dancing was hilarious. i may or may not be thinking about taking it up as my newest talent. good luck with all the midterms girl! way to be ten times more productive than i am. i have plenty of homework to do and even declared today to be a homework doing day but it's 4pm and i haven't even touched it yet.

Emilie Woodhead said...

PAIGE!!! I'm so happy when I find a fellow blogger!! :) You are darling and I'm in love with your posts! Miss ya girl!

alyson said...

thanks for the shout out p-gay. you're the sweetest :)