Tanzania & Zanzibar part I

Hoping everyone had a lovely weekend!

I figured I'd share some of my photos from a trip to Africa a few years back.  It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life, and I'm dying to go back.  Someday, someday.


Jessi Haish said...

oh wow...these photos are breathtaking! And elephants are totally my favorite :)

kylee said...

i dream of visiting africa someday.

Emilie Woodhead said...

Oh you lucky duck!! I want to go to Africa so badly!!

Prixie said...

Zanzibar is a lovely little island. Hope you come back to another country in Africa soon!

Lucy said...

These photos are so stunning.
you have a really cute blog

Lindsey Berg said...

Paige, you've been to Tanzania? Where? I went a couple years ago, and it was amazing! Your pictures are beautiful.