the latest addictions

organic, thin-crusted pizza
with toppings ranging from caramelized onions to goat cheese?
aaaand complimentary hummus? 
Sign me up.

Matt Bomer is a gift from the gods.
Seriously in love with this quirky, quick-witted show.
(Hulu is killing my GPA)

my Hue & Hum  CD.
They're an absolutely fabulous power couple
She does art of all kinds. He does music. What could be better?
(ACTUALLY, he's the lead guitarist/backup vocalist in the band Fictionist. Check them out!)

Herbal tea.
No caffeine..the same warm feeling as hot soup or cocoa
with zero calories, delicious flavor, and a metabolism boost?
I'll take it.

all my love.


Chelsie Clarke said...

DID YOU KNOW? Mr. Bomers lovely face returns to television tomorrow?! New season! I've been waiting since I finished the series in August! Thrilled!

Paige Andy said...

Chelsie, is it tomorrow?! I thought it was a week away! I'm going to be so beyond stoked if you're right!!!!

kylee said...

i just recently got into white collar. he is a looker for sure.

Harley said...

pizza... and the hue and hum album. basically your life is awesome.