meanwhile, in the food court.

To the couple practically fornicating at the table next to me...

please. just stop. nobody wants to see you nibble her ear.
I worked as a lifeguard for four years. 
trust me, I've seen some horrific things.
you aren't going to shoo me away with your excessive PDA, 
or even nauseate me.
(though I can't say the same for the other poor bystanders trying to nourish themselves)
so let me eat my cobb salad in peace.
ok thanks.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, definitely NOT a fan of pda. but that picture you pinned with this post...hilarious!
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture :)

A shame about the lack of decency in that couple, though...

samecookiesdifferent said...

a pda is so painfully - beware of it!

X the cookies