twenty twelve.

2011 was a big year.
              my heart healed 
                     & I gave it away again.
       I graduated from high school,
                    moved out, & started college.
                                                             I grew into a whole new sense of self.
               that isn't to say I'm through.
                                        that I feel as though I "found myself" and will never lose me again.
              that's the beautiful thing about being human: 
                                                               finding, and losing, and erasing, and starting over.
                               or just building.  adding on piece by piece.
                                        a brushstroke here.  tilt to the left.  embellish the frame.

                 because we can.  and because we should.  and because we will.

       we find ourselves powering down the path so quickly that the real us was left behind.  
So we backtrack a little, and grab our hand, and remind ourselves that we have to keep going, because we may not know for certain what's ahead, but every tingle in our toes tells us it's worth running for.

here's to forgetting the mistakes & healing old wounds
here's to shutting up the critics in our heads.
here's to a crisp, blank page, ready to be written.
here's to the anticipation of knowing anything could be ahead.
here's to going places where nobody knows you 
                                            and showing them who you are.
                              because this year, you are who you want to be.

here's to 2012.


Anjali Krishna said...

Love <3

McKenzie King said...

sounds like a killer year!! happy new year!

Danielle and Trev said...

Good work cute girl!! And it sounds like it will be a fabulous year for you :)