you've got mail-- wait, no, I'VE GOT MAIL!!

I hadn't received a letter since 
How were you surviving? you may ask yourselves.
Well, I wasn't really.  Ask my roommate. Erratic disfunction is the best way to describe my emotions as of late.
Skipping classes just to check the mailbox.  Days spent entirely in sweats.  Having to take down pictures simply to be able to focus on what people were saying to me.
Thankfully, I finally received another long-anticipated letter from my missionary!!!
(you know how I use syntactic sentences of the exclamatory variety very infrequently, so that triple-decker goes to show the excitement dug into my very core)

His wonderful mother forwards me the weekly family emails, but personal communication is much less frequent, as we aren't allowed to email directly.  At times this is difficult to the point of being painful.

But there's something terribly romantic about hand-written letters.  It's old-fashioned, a dying art.  It reminisces of a time when the men left their sweethearts behind to go to war.

As hard as it is to have him gone, I'm grateful that he's serving.  
I wouldn't have it any other way.

[side note:  His english is starting to fail him, thanks to the complete immersion in the culture.  Unlike anyone else's grammatical errors, I find them endearing-- darling, even.]

 "I am just lovin’ life right now--you couldn’t  have wiped the smile off my face yesterday, no matter what you did.  It seems like this week we finally saw results from our efforts.  I feel so blessed.  There were literally miracles every day—some days felt like everything just fell right into place."

Glad to see his eating habits haven't changed much.

"It really is just sooo amazing to see people change--I love it, and it sooo addicting.  I have to admit that  I have changed alot, and I would say that I am a little weird,  but I can honestly say that I have never been so happy ever in my life."

"The Lord really is blessing us so much.  It feeling indescribable and excitement inside when you hear from investigators say that they know the church is true and they understand what you are teaching and they are excited to get baptized-- absolutely indescribable!"

it was a letter full of deeply personal matters.
sweet writings and tender promises.
he's a special boy.


kylee said...

gosh i love this post. i seriously miss writing missionaries. it is beyond wonderful to have them home but let me tell you, you will miss those letters someday. i really have letter writing to thank when it comes to me & luke. if we hadn't written we might not be talking today. i honestly don't know if i would have even gone to his homecoming and what a tragedy that would have been. i have seriously been missing his letters lately and secretly wish it wasn't weird for me to start e-mailing him weekly updates like he's still serving. and even better than letters: letters that include pictures. ahhhh! i die! makes me so happy. i totally know what you mean about the english skills. luke came home and had some trouble. it was entirely adorable. but if anyone else has trouble with their english i want to cringe. hooray for missionaries & hooray for a letter from yours!

Mallory said...

this is so so so so so awesome.

I can just feel the happiness in his writing!!! I love it!

Chelsie Clarke said...

I am thrilled for you. I really am. Probably only because I just barely got mail of my own! This past Saturday... Which coincidently marked EIGHT months of empty mailboxes. Just remember, it could be worse. :p I do feel your pain though! Isn't missionary mail the very best? Nothing beats.