Brian Regan

Friday my family went to a show for the comedian Brian Regan.
He was a riot-- it's nice to be able to count on an act to be clean.
And it was, as ever, wonderful to spend time with the fam. 

we ate at blue lemon...remember my obsession?

turkey burger & hummus
butternut squash soup

Jack has grown into his very own sense of style,
one that I find particularly adorable.  It happens to include a variety of suspenders and many a bow tie.
(Note the piano suspenders.. yep. My Christmas gift. What uppp.)

The beautiful Claire.

No better way to spend a Friday, I say.
Hope your weekend was splendid!

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kylee said...

ohhh heeeeey little kid steeze. that newsies had rocks. bow ties are the only way to go. brian regan really is fabulous. when we went last year our whole family ended up with tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard.