flying solo. just me. & my pal the Qur'an.

had an exhibit opening on friday.
"Beauty and Belief:  Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture."
I've been geeing out over it for months
so being bailed on was only a slight setback.
Not to be deterred, I ventured solo
like we cool kids tend to do.

It being opening night and all, 
it was rather crowded, and I didn't feel I lingered longer,
as per usual.
See, I'm used to having this sort of private, undiscovered, under-the-radar art museum all to myself.
in all honesty, the other people put me out.
So I assure you, 

 a) it's across the street. like really. just across the street  &
b) I spend at least an afternoon a week there

.....I'm not too worried about sparse time with my new friends.


I'm only recently revealed the "art history nerd" pocket of my heart.
there will be more to come.

Also checked off this weekend?
four books.
I'm a social MACHINE.

hope your weekend was lovely!

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