on days when the mean reds are getting the best of me

(which, thanks to five midterms in seven days, has been a lot lately)

more often than not, I find myself here,
in the Brigham Young University Museum of Art,
reflecting on Carl Bloch's Healing at the Pool of Bethesda. 

I sit.
and I think about Christ.
and life.
crying and cleansing and feeling.

There's something quiet and sacred about museums
that will dissipate any and all anger or anxieties of mine
in nearly an instant.

BYU is currently exhibiting art by the Weir family--
a father and two sons, all painters.  There's something terribly romantic and American about that, isn't there?

my favorite painting of the day...

self portrait with soft hat by Julian Weir 

..but I always have been partial to impressionistic styles, haven't I. 
Though that isn't to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy the more academic feel of his brother, John Weir.

Forrest of Fontainebleu

The Grand Canal, Venice

The MOA also currently has an exhibition featuring Whistler etchings.
Be still my heart.

One simply must top off an afternoon like that
with a vanilla steamer.
full cream, thank you.

According to today,
I'm a lover of all things rich,  as it were.


Taylor Ann said...

Love the museum.
Love steamers.
Love art.
Love this.

Catherine said...

That is one of my favorites of Carl Bloch. I loved going to that exhibit last year! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope those mean reds go away soon!