a late v-day post 
is a v-day post nonetheless.

though the boy with whom I would most like to be spending the day 
is some 2700 miles away,
I had a stellar valentine's day.
[read: food, giggling...food..]


being silly, as girls we be.

pie shakes

my three Kenz(s)ie Valentines

sneaking into the 3rd floor of the Tanner building to watch the bachelor on a projector screen.
onesie table-dancing ensued.

I love my girls.
hope your valentine's day was wonderful!
And happy weekend.


miki said...

I seriously want those fur coats, no joke!

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

glad you got to celebrate even without the boy! look like you guys had a blast!

kylee said...

valentine's day = food. always & forever. with boys or without. confession: i have never been to california pizza kitchen but always tell myself i must go soon. maybe i can convince the fam to go for lunch tomorrow. i'll give them an ultimatum. it's either cpk or sammy's clear out in provo. i might be secretly rooting for sammy's. i have been dying to try a cupcake shake ever since i heard of such things. OHMYGOSH! i swear to you that i wrote that first half of the comment in a separate program before i even scrolled down to the sammy's part. swear! that is the coolest thing ever! you guys win for the coolest kids around. sneaking into a building to watch the bachelor? really - coolest thing of all time. i would watch the show if it meant i got to sneak into school buildings after hours with you and your cool friends.

Anonymous said...

you and your friends are just adorable. LOVE this post.

Courtney B said...

And how freakin' fun are you and your girlfriends? Best Valentines EVER!
Are you in Provo? We LOVE sammy's! Pretty sure our picture is on their wall :)

lauren erin said...

haha oh my goodness i love that you guys snuck into the tanner building to watch the bachelor!! haha