welcome back to reality, peeps.

a long weekend spent in Eden, Utah,
with Ms. Greer and her lovely family.

[and  this song was on repeat in my head ]

road trip with muh gurlz

morgan's lovely wedding

Matt Townsend.  Hey all you married folks --  he's brilliant and witty as all get out!

studying phonetics at Powder Mountain.

thai & japanese food

walmart run at 1 am for kosher veggie burgers.

bedhead and the best study buddies one could ask for.

happy monday  tuesday! <---- would you look at that. just look at it.
bring on the midterms.


miki said...

That puppy is so cute! Happy day that it's not really monday!

Ali said...

paige i just went through a million of your posts. just like reading a good book. so if you have random pageviews on posts you wrote a year ago, that was me. your blog is a favorite for sure.

Shaylynn... Bloggin Fool. said...

That one a.m. monday wal mart run.. oh it kinda breaks my heart. I am old and go to bed, early. :)