living for the weekends.

family sushi time.
discussions with baby boy about Surrealism and the interests of Africa in the UN.
(excuse me? are you eleven or forty?)

cuddle time.

puppy time.

prom time!
 yeah Dad, that's how we all feel.
naturally, she snagged the senior soccer captain.

I always feel like the awkward stepchild next to this dime.

catch-up-with-long-distance-best-friend time.

I never thought I'd say this, but...
I'm so excited to move home again!
If only for the summer.


Holly said...

that picture alone made me want to watch An Affair to Remember! looooove it.

shelby ann said...

Hi. Should've taken a picture of us and not just our salads. I can't wait for you to move home again either!!!

kylee said...

an affair to remember? love.