things I will never say:

[thanks to ms. courtney & her inspiration from this post]

"I'm not really into well-dressed men."
"Enough chocolate milk for today."
"Using semicolons while texting is bizarre."
"I really need a boy with lots of swag, you know?"
"Kissing isn't even fun."
"Actually, I love it when you substitute adjectives for adverbs."
"Instagram is lame."
"Recycling is soooo overrated."
"More parking lots. Fewer parks."
"Hold on the whipped cream."
"Let me show you my new favorite song. It's rap. You know, like, black people music?"
"Not really a fan of animals."
"Spin class? Like, weaving cloth?"
"Just got an A in chemistry!!!!!!"
"I have a big camera.  Therefore I am a photographer. Therefore, please designate me to take pictures everywhere we go."
"I'm going to confront her about this."
"I need to go to the bathroom. Please come please come please come!"
"So...........who's Renoir?"
"Is the Oxford comma really necessary?"
"Your quoting of The Hangover is such a turn-on."
"I'm not a dessert person."
"Chivalry: so passé."
"I just don't understand the whole Belieber thing."
"Ew, you read? Like, who even does that anymore?"
"I'm going to a dance party this weekend."
"Boys wearing running shoes around campus: so. hot."


-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...

Lol! This post killed me. Love this idea.

miki said...

What a great post. I like that you won't ever say dope. ha ha!

courtneykearns said...

looooooooved this, paige dahling.

kylee said...

i can't stand it when boys wear running shoes on campus. unless you're running, running shoes should be avoided.

Derek and Talia said...

this is real good. agreed to all, especially 'dope'... who says that anyways??